Safety Audit Software by Q5 - take no chances

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take no chances
Safety Audit Software by Q5 - take no chances
Safety Audit Software by Q5 - take no chances

Quality, Security and Safety Audit Software. No Compromise.

Q5 has worked relentlessly and meticulously with our customers since the early 1990's to develop best practice, enterprise-level quality, security, environmental, health and safety audit software to ensure compliance

Q5AIMS Audit and Inspection Management System

Q5AIMS safety audit software lets you:

  • Design and conduct audits, inspections, and assessments to meet and exceed internal and external regulations and standards.
  • Collect and analyze relevant safety, quality and security data to improve business decision-making.
  • Manage corrective actions to ensure compliance.

Quality, Security, and Safety Audit Software. Without Compromise.

Q5AIMS - Quality, Security, Environmental, Health, and Safety Audit Software

Q5AIMS quality, security and safety audit software simplifies and streamlines management processes so you can better manage the complexity of an ever-changing business environment. Our “no compromise” approach is perhaps what defines us the best and why industry leaders implicitly trust Q5 Systems quality, security and safety audit software.

Take Control

Q5AIMS puts you in control with its safety audit software. You can define standards, design audits and inspections, collect and interpret relevant data, manage corrective actions, ensure compliance, and minimize cost and risk to your organization. Q5AIMS - Because when it comes to choosing quality, environmental, health and safety audit software, there is no compromise.

Keep Your Edge

Q5AIMS helps you keep your competitive edge through its quality, security and safety audit software. Most Q5 clients indicate that they have trimmed significant costs from their business by using safety audit software – often in excess of 40%.

Create Visibility

Having relevant information at your fingertips helps improve business decision-making. Q5AIMS helps bring clarity with its quality, security, environmental, health and safety audit software. You can then determine key areas of risk and concern, implement the necessary measures to prevent future incidents, and always feel confident that Q5’s safety audit software is helping your company achieve compliant to both internal and external standards and regulations.

Enjoy the Simplicity and Flexibility of Q5’s Safety Audit Software

In a world of complexity, rely on Q5AIMS to provide a little simplicity and flexibility.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • One tool for all your auditing, inspection, and assessment needs – works effectively across multiple divisions, departments and geographies.
  • Customizable features and “look and feel”
  • Flexible licensing options to fit your budget.

Proven and Robust - True Enterprise System

Our customers are leaders in their respective industries and are not willing to compromise when it comes to quality, security and safety audit software. Companies such as United Airlines, Liberty Mutual, Shell Oil, Lafarge International and International Air Transport Association understand what is at stake. They trust Q5 Systems safety audit software to deliver a robust, enterprise level audit and inspection management solution that is consistent, reliable and backed by superior customer service.

Activate your Audit and Inspection Management Account today! For more information on Q5’s quality, security and safety audit software, call toll free at 1-866-737-7574 (U.S. & Canada Only) or e-mail [email protected]. Outside the United States, call (+01) 709.739.8801.

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